Secret Cypress Drawer 2009Dominic’s art draws upon a wide variety of cross-cultural sources: from his African birthplace to the ancient history of Wales where he now lives. There is a sensuous enjoyment in the innocent rawness of form that is resonant and moving. The heartfelt and the humorous collide in much of Dominic’s work. A playful interplay between the found or recycled object and its setting in the sculpture leads to a delight and depth in meaning and materiality.

Dominic gathers local wood or sometimes works with steel and slate. At home too rummaging in scrapyards and on the beaches, as much as in the woods. His ability to transform the salvaged into something other, richer, rarer and new, is a testament to his individual observations and sensitivity to the environment and its detritus.

Myth meets modernity to create potent, primitive forms. Fire, frequently used on the wood, scorches, blackens and seals to tighten surface tension and reveal a purity of form. Weighted with reference to African black woods, death and rebirth there is a power and elegance to his work that is both particular and universal. The scale and size of his sculpture heralds the totemic and is made with an eye and heart firmly fixed in the majesty of Snowdonia.

Over the past 15 years Dominic has mainly been working on large scale site specific commissions and residencies for public places throughout North Wales, making a mixture of furniture and sculpture. He enjoys working in and with an environment, especially a natural one where he can respond to the site, the history of the place and its working and psycho-geography.


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