Brondanw Gardens

| 2013

Miles Davis portrait jazz

Grainy faces shot blasted wood
relief carving portraits amongst topiary
wood sculpture cnict
Lattice Tower Elm wood
Miles Davis portrait Brondanw Gardens
Miles Davis portrait jazz
wood sculpture brondanw gardens
Row of spirals on a wall

Watch Tower, solo exhibition in the impressive Plas Brondanw Gardens, Llanfrothen, once home to Clough Williams Ellis, creator of Portmeirion. Dominic Clare’s exhibition brings together two themes that appear through out his works, heads and towers. The Towers can be thought of as safe places where one dwells in privileged seclusion, separated from the facts and practicalities of the real world. Where as the expressions on the faces create human contact, an emotional state, an atmosphere. These watching faces besiege the isolation of the towers. were taken by Jerry Hardman-Jones.

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